Making an Epic Door For VR

I found this week of work a little silly. Silly because this entire week I spent working on a door for the forest level. However, this was not an ordinary door and now that we have started this previs model of the structure I can say this week was worth working primary on this structure. But why? Why was I so obsessed with making this structure look great?
DoorSketch 1jpg
(initial sketch)
I’ve been fascinated with this idea of aw inspiring moments in VR. I wanted to create these wow moments all over my experience from the grand fights to the simple interactions like going through a great entrance. So I created an initial sketch and passed that sketch off to a concept artist.
Gate_revision_2 1jpg
We received a pass from our concept artist that I really like but of course, I felt as though we could do better so I had improvements to make.
GATE_SKETCH_2notes 1jpg
After we finalized the structure’s sketch, we started the modeling process. The door is not completely ready for the game but it is almost done and I am really excited to see people’s jaws drop in VR.

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