Drawing up a Forest

Hello to my 3 followers,
My weekly update today is my progress on the environment. I have been working hard with my environmental artist and we have started breaking ground on the forest we want to create in VR.


We started with drafting out the layout of the world through papers on our floor and once we finalized the layout we made sure the art style was set for our experience then we started modeling this in 3DSMax.


With the approach of creating this environment from the ground up, we are saving a ton on draw calls.

                                             update_level10 update_level9
update_level8 update_level7 update_level6 update_level5 update_level4
update_level3 update_level2
Traversing this previs version in VR is now only hitting 6 draw calls. Which is Amazing!!!!
I’ll have more updates soon!

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