Week 3: Getting the Oculus Controller Working and 360 Videos are Awesome

Let me start this post by saying 360 photography is awesome!


I have received my New Gear 360 Camera this week and I have been taking photos everyday since and it is so much fun to capture the entirety of the moment in a picture and my life has some really silly moments!


Also this week, I have incorporated the Gear VR controller into Museum Multiverse. I wanted to find a comfortable way of moving a player in 3D space and I think I found it with Easy Input for Gear VR from the Unity asset store. This made moving a Gameobject very easy in Unity with the Gear VR controller. I have decided to use the trackpad on the Gear VR controller to move the player around because it feels more like a joystick on a normal controller.

giphy (3).gif

My next challenge is linking up my character’s movement animations with the controller’s movement.

giphy (2).gif

I also worked with Ernest to get the layout of the museum world. If you’d like to learn more about this he has written an excellent blog post on the subject here!




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